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Need a new System ?
Do you need a new system or are you looking to upgrade?

A good installation is vital in the longevity and performance of an Air-conditioning System.
A poor installation can lead to many long term issues that end up costing you money.
A good installation includes
1. Properly sealing Supply and Return Ducting
    to the new air-handler
2. Insulating suction side refrigerant line
3. Ensuring that copper refrigerant lines are properly sized to
    system tonnage  
4. Making properly brazed joints in the copper refrigerant lines
5. Pressure testing refrigerant lines to determine proper seal
6. Removing moisture and air from the refrigerant lines
7. Ensuring proper refrigerant charge
8. Making filter access as easy as possible by routing refrigerant and                        
    condondensate lines appropriately
9. Properly Configuring Thermostat to optimal system settings
10. Installing a trap in the condensation drain piping when necessary
11. Provide a flush port in condensate drain piping
     (for routine maintenance by condensate flushing)
12. Installation of a Condensate overflow protection device
13. Ensuring that the Condenser has adequate surrounding
       air flow as much as is possible
14. Installation of a refrigerant filter / dryer when applicable
15. Ensuring that external control wiring is not loose or dangling
16. Ensuring that air handler drain pan has adequate pitch.
17. Ensuring that Electrical Circuit Breakers are properly sized
18. Performing a System function test
19. Ensure that the condensate drain is draining properly
19. Instruct Customer in Thermostat and System functions
20. Clean work area

As you can see there are many steps in ensuring
that an Air Conditioning system is properly installed.
It requires time and skill for a Quality installation- anywhere from 5 hours to 2 days
(depending upon equipment location and access).
Though many counties require an inspection from a certified county inspector typical county inspections do not inspect system performance. It is up to you to decide on a Company you can Trust to properly install your Brand New System. At AC Ninjas we take our Time and our Pride in providing you with
Quality Products,Installation and Good Pricing.
Hope to meet you Soon .

No Gimmicks!!
 We dont run fake promotions and fake discounts But we do offer
and reasonable prices.

Ac Ninjas has chosen TRANE
to be our premier Air Conditioning and Heating product supplier. TRANE is the leader in the industry for technological advancement, quality materials/parts and manufacturing. Trane has manufacturing
factories in the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA and employs hundreds
 of Americans which in turn supports you.       

is our economy brand of choice because
it is made by Ingersoll Rand which is
Trane's parent company.

Ac Ninjas
can install other brands at your request.
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"Cutting Cost without Cutting Quality"